Marc Jacobs – Spring/Summer 2016

It ain’t no secret that I adore Marc Jacobs and his collections, that I have only talked about them and no other designer shows/collections. There’s just something that exicites me about this man and the way he looks at fashion. There’s always that serious aspect with a tiny smirk. Don’t take yourself too serious, I believe that’s the message. It’s not as extreme as Jeremy Scott and his latest Moschino trashy collections though. Classy but with a wink. Go out, have fun and dress well.

Slightly bohemian a little off-color.

I actually just wanted to talk about five looks in the SS16 collection (yes, I know I’m super late) that caught my eye and made me sad because I can’t afford it all. Or any piece probably. At least I can gaze and dream about it. And look like that heart-eyes emoji.

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MIA BERLIN – Abendkleider, Brautkleider

++ Disclaimer: I got paid to write this blog post and to include the links. Nevertheless, I don’t get paid for clicks. The opinions stated in the blog post down here are my own and I don’t plan on ever writing something that does not include my personal opinion. I have chosen the dresses I like myself, for my readers to get a bit of an idea of what they look like. ++

*Blog post is written in German*

Diesmal ausnahmsweise auf deutsch, hallo liebe Menschen, schönen Sonntagabend. Ich habe tatsächlich noch nie einen Post auf deutsch verfasst, wundert mich eigentlich. Äußerst ungewohnt darüber hinaus.

Ich wurde letztens von einer Seite, die ein ähnliches Konzept wie Rosa Novias hat, gebeten, möglicherweise einen Post über ihre Kleider für besondere Anlässe zu schreiben. Ich war sofort einverstanden, deren Braut-, Cocktail-, und Matura/Abiballkleider gefallen mir ebenso wie die der australischen Marke. MIA BERLIN heißt der Onlineshop, von dem ich hier berichte. Gegründet 2007, zwar mir nicht so bekannt aber überaus interessant. MIA BERLIN verkauft wunderschöne Brautkleider und Abendkleider für jeden anderen festlichen Anlass in toller Qualität und ebenso tollem Preis. Dass wunderschön nicht unbezahlbar bedeutet, entschied ich mich, euch einige meiner Lieblingsbrautkleider und -cocktailkleider unter 100€ zu präsentieren.

... für nur 72,10€.
… für nur 72,10€.
...für nur 85,47€!
…für nur 85,47€!
... für 86,35€!
… für 86,35€!

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September Fashion Favourites

Hello back, uni life! Hello back my lovely readers.

I haven’t spent much time on Polyvore in the past month as you can probably tell but I still decided to do a small collection of stuff I have thought of/loved in September.
I enjoy the fact that I’m back to my usual uni (and now also working) schedule because I am more productive if I have more stuff to do. If my calendar is empty I won’t do much. Which is a good thing, blogging wise. Bizi’s Pieces is getting updated more frequently, promise!

Untitled #855

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Autumn uniform

Better a bit late than never I guess? Well technically autumn started a week ago so I’m not that late with this post.

Today I felt like talking about what I like to call my “autumn uniform”. I tried to get through everything I plan on wearing this autumn (and winter) probably a bit inspired by today’s trends too.



Frist things first: everything checked/tartan/in any way involved with squares. I started really loving this geometric pattern lately and I’m so not sorry, it looks great on everything.

Something I will probably wear on a daily basis until I start wearing my beloved ASOS chunky heels are classic sneakers. These casual Superstars, Jordan’s, Converse you know what I mean. I need this twist in a perfect (a bit girly) outfit and a classic sneaker never disappoints. I should learn that hi-top sneakers make you look smaller though!

Belts belts belts! It’s so hard to find a pretty one let’s be honest here. Especially a wider one. That either is in cognac or looks like a cowboy’s. I ain’t choosy at all.

When it comes to bags, I prefer the two B’s this autumn: backpacks and bucket bags. Backpacks are super handy for uni and the SS16 collections show that backpacks are indeed a must have. Bucket bags on the other hand are that cute that they don’t need any further explanation. I own the black and white one I put in the set here and I never leave the house without it anymore!

The only thing I’m going to wear in colour this season is probably a loose fitting dress in one of these two colours – if I actually find one. If not – all black errthang as per usual.

Lastly, my favourite: chunky knit, looong sweaters. And I would like to quote “How To Be Parisian” here: “The oversized sweater that slips off your shoulder. Ypu wear it the day after the party, as if you’re snuggled up in a quilt. It’s as soft as a teddy bear, as calming as Xanax, as wide as a screen, perfect for days when you can feel your hips too much.”

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Rosa Novias – special occasion dresses for princesses

++ Disclaimer: I got paid to write this blog post and to include the links. Nevertheless, I don’t get paid for clicks. The opinions stated in the blog post down here are my own and I don’t plan on ever writing something that does not include my personal opinion. I have chosen the dresses I like myself, for my readers to get a bit of an idea of what they look like. ++

Some time ago I came across a UK-based online shop called Rosa Novias selling the most beautiful wedding dresses, wedding party dresses and “special occasion” dresses (for prom eg) I’ve seen in a long time. Rosa Novias ( sells and designs custom-made unique charming wedding and special occasion dresses for different figures and characteristics.

I may be a bit too young to get married just yet but I definitely think about getting one or maybe two of their prom dresses or cocktail dresses. Besides being totally my style, Rosa Novias sells them forRead More »

July + August Fashion Favourites

Excuse me, what is happening here? Don’t tell me I forgot about the existence of July and the stuff I liked “back then” on Polyvore. Where’s the July Fashion Favourites?? Why didn’t anyone tell me about this! What a shame! 😛

Anyways, happy fashion month! Happy September if you like. Did you start school? Are you in uni? How’s work? Are you enjoying the first autumn days as much as I do? I’m basically living in my oversized Zara sweater. Happy to be back to blogging or whatever this is.

Happy NYFW. And of course – happy MQ Vienna Fashion Week. Seventh year and the event is getting bigger and bigger and more important for cool kids too. I don’t feel like going there this year though. I’m a bit disappointed by myself. I should really give it a look though, at least the Bloggers choice stuff!

julyxaugust link in descr

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Sundays in Bratislava

(Just to mention it once again – save your damn blog posts if you go away from your computer. I lost this one but thank God it was saved somewhere! God bless)

Travelling is a passion that I share with many people, I believe. There is something exciting about seeing the architecture, the people and their lives in an environment that is not your usual one. There’s seven billion people in the world and as boring as your day today seems, you are the only person that lives it this way (which is actually quite funny). Last Sunday my aunt and I decided to spend our day somewhere else but at home.

2015-08-23 13.57.49 2015-08-23 15.16.55

Bratislava, the capital of beautiful Slovakia, is only one hour away from Vienna, whether you choose going there by car, train or the twin city liner (ship). We decided to go by train as the tickets were pretty cheap (16€ there and back).

We took the bus to get to the city centre and then decided to get something to eat at first. We stopped at a typical slovakian restaurant “downtown” and got some lunch and –  of course – a beer. I’m not a fan of beer but Slovakia and the Czech Republic are famous for this beverage. Then we strolled around the city for a bit and of course I took many many pictures with my phone. I always love seeing the “man at work” the town’s landmark.

2015-08-23 13.53.47

Next up we went to see the famous Bratislava castle (Bratislavský hrad) where I took a quazillion pictures because I’m a sucker for pictures from above. The castle is situated near the Danube and on a hill not far from the city centre.

After that, we decided it was time for a coffee. We passed fifty thousand cute, hipsterish coffee shops and went for a small pastry shop (in the centre ofc). I wish Vienna had more hipster/Instagram/tumblrish coffee shops though. And then it was already time to get back to the railway station.

2015-08-23 15.58.17 2015-08-23 16.04.322015-08-23 16.29.13-1

I’ve seen travel posts like this on a few blogs and wanted to give it another go after the Barcelona photo post from last year. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

2015-08-23 16.02.28

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Friday Night Nails: Essie

Hold up! I don’t think this will be a regular friday evening/night thing. I just liked the name and how there’s an alliteration. Anyway. Who knows what will happen next Friday. Oh yeah! Preorder Beauty Behind The Madness on iTunes. It comes out next Friday. And your homegirl is a XO girl.

Nails. Of course.

I loooove flashy nails in summer. Yellow. Bright Red. Some blue mermaid-y colour. Give it all to me. My favourites this summer are definitely two Essie varnishes/polishes.

Essie - Fifth Avenue
Essie – Fifth Avenue

image1 IMG_6456

Essie - Mint Candy Apple
Essie – Mint Candy Apple

IMG_6452 IMG_6451

So, these mini Essies come in a pack of three and I gave my aunt the third one because it was a nude non summerish one. One of these packs is almost the price of one full sized Essie nail varnish (around 12€). But of course, mini version means less varnish, the blue one is half full after I think…applying it three or four times. I believe that there are big versions of both, “Fifth Avenue” and “Mint Candy Apple” though.

As you can tell, I bought some new plastic nails again because my nails are shit, no euphemism. Nail varnish stays much longer and looks a trillion times better when you have decent nails. I think of getting my nails done by a professional because I don’t really feel like sticking back two nails every day.

What do you think od Essie nail varnishes? Which one of these two is your favourite? Let me know.

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Blogger Interview with “Bonjour, Blogger”

I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I’m constantly learning about this blogging thing from other bloggers and Team Internet. How to write stuff and what to write. I’m growing from post to post – blogging wise of course, I haven’t grown since sixth grade or something – and it’s a great experience.

Some time ago I found out about a site called “Bonjour, Blogger!” which helps fashion/beauty/lifestyle bloggers in many ways. It’s especially helpful if you’re just starting or thinking about starting a blog. They discuss things like blogger collabs/sponsorships e.g. and give great advice to blogging related topics. BB also hosts blogger chats and meet-ups if I’m not mistaken.

Last but not least, they do Blogger interviews. I got the chance to do one and you can check it out here! I put a little sneak peek down here for you too.

What did you think of this interview? It’s nice, isn’t it?

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Shady’s back, tell a friend. 

What is this? A random post? Is this blog even active anymore? Yes! Yes, it is. I was just having a loooong vacation. If this blog was a person it would probably feel very neglected. I’m sincerely apologising to everyone who waited for new posts over the past month. For new Polyvore sets and tweets. The only social media I was active on was Instagram, I guess. 

If you just found Bizi’s Pieces, hi hello! How are you? Check out my other posts if you like! 

Um, I just wanted to let you know that I’m back home now and the reason I haven’t written and published any posts over the past weeks was that I left my iPad at home which basically is my laptop/baby/main blogging tool. That’s it for now. New posts are on their way!
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